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DabTabs - The Clean and Futuristic Way of Dabbing

DabTab takes the mess, hassle & unpredictable dosing out of dabbing with their innovative new dablet concentrates. Check out our article for all the info.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Nov. 27, 2020 · 6 min read
DabTabs - The Clean and Futuristic Way of Dabbing

Dabbing has seen a meteoric rise in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the most widespread ways to consume cannabis. But traditional ways of dabbing can get messy and clunky. DabTabs to the rescue.

Dabbing has seen quite the evolution over the years. The method of cannabis consumption is now so ubiquitous that there’s an unofficial 710 “holiday” dedicated to dabbing - but we will leave it up to you as to whether there’s an actual necessity to “celebrate” 710. We’ve come a long way with consuming concentrates, from the early days of heating hash with “hot knives” on a hot stove and inhaling, to heating quartz bangers with blowtorches, to the invention of enails, and so on.

Dab rigs are household items now, with portable dab rigs from awesome companies like Dr. Dabber, Puffco, and Focus V popping up more and more. Even with these awesome new dab rig inventions, dabbing can be messy, sticky. clunky, and inconvenient. Not to mention, getting a predictable and precise dosage of dabs is often next to impossible. Enter DabTabs. The company ilo Research saw the need for a cleaner, advanced, and more convenient approach to taking dabs.

What Are DabTabs?

DabTabs are honeycomb-shaped “dablets” containing a measured amount of full-spectrum cannabis concentrate, encased in ceramic that is mineral-based. The mineral ceramic is safe to consume and the tabs can be dabbed without the necessity of removing what concentrate is inside. Consuming DabTabs is simple - just put the DabTab in the heating chamber of your dab rig and inhale. You can find more specific instructions on how to consume DabTabs below.

On top of being super convenient, clean, and precise, DabTabs are extremely versatile. ilo Research partners with concentrate producers to put every kind of concentrate in a DabTab you can think of: such as hash rosin, shatter, sauce, live resin, and wax - depending on the state market. What more could we ask for?

DabTabs-Dablets Image credit: iloresearch.com

Even More Benefits of DabTabs

The folks at ilo Research draw upon their expertise with industrial design and bring it to the cannabis industry, particularly the dabbing space, according to their website. Doing dabs is tricky and often leaves customers guessing how much to take, with one inhale potentially leading inexperienced dabbers feeling too medicated. DabTabs solves these issues by offering a reliable dosage of dabs each time. Each DabTab contains 50mg of cannabinoids, precisely measured - either THC or CBD, or a combination of the two cannabinoids. When consuming DabTabs, you’ll know exactly how much you are consuming, which allows for much easier microdosing.

What’s more, DabTab capsules remove\ the hassle and mess of traditional dabbing. If you drop your concentrate on the ground accidentally, you might as well throw it away. The chance that you won’t be inhaling dirt particles that got stuck to wax, shatter, or other concentrates after dropping it on the ground is slim to none. This hassle is nonexistent with DabTabs. If you happen to accidentally drop your DabTab in the dirt when biking or hiking, simply wash it off with a little bit of water, and you are good to go. DabTabs are as portable as you can get when it comes to consuming cannabis, and they are also shelf-stable.

lo-research-vaporizer Image credit: iloresearch.com

How to Consume DabTabs

DabTabs are easy to consume and are compatible with most at-home dab rigs and portable ones. DabTabs sells its portable rigs as well. Here are four easy steps to consume DabTabs.

  • Place your dablet flat on the heating surface of your dab rig or banger. You can dab more than one tablet, as long as they are lying flat to allow the heat to evenly distribute.
  • Cover the heating element containing your DabTab(s) with a carb cap and heat it. The manufacturer recommends heating DabTabs between 450-550°F.
  • As the smoke fills the chamber of your dab rig, begin to inhale. DabTabs turn black when they are “beat”, and can be easily recycled. We love seeing cannabis companies that are eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • When your DabTab turns black, take a dab tool or tweezers to remove the dablet - this way, you won’t risk burning yourself.

Where Can I Find DabTabs?

At the time of this writing, DabTabs are available in eleven states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Maine, Michigan, and Washington state. We were excited to see on the manufacturer’s website that they plan to soon sell DabTabs in dispensaries in east coast states including Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, as well as New York. Hemp-derived CBD DabTabs are actually even available in three international markets - Chile, Germany, and Japan.

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