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Industry Spotlight: Omura

We are shining the HashDash industry spotlight on Omura. We discuss their company origins, some of the products they offer, as well as some of the notable publications that have covered them.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Sep. 25, 2020 · 6 min read
Industry Spotlight: Omura

In our ongoing series spotlighting outstanding cannabis brands we love, today we are shining the HashDash industry spotlight on Omura. We discuss their company origins, some of the products they offer, as well as some of the notable publications that have covered them.

The Origins of Omura

The Omura brand has only been around for two years, being established in 2018, and didn’t launch until Summer 2019. But in that time, they have gotten some significant attention and an impressive amount of press. The Omura products have been featured in highly popular publications such as Forbes, the LA Times, and Gear Patrol.

A team of engineers and designers developed Omura vape products with cannabis flower lovers in mind. The idea behind Omura was to make the consumption of flower more convenient and accessible. What’s more, all of their disposable fire sticks are more friendly for the environment than all of the plastic that you’ll find in a typical vape.

For the Conscious Cannabis Consumer

As we discussed in our article about how to make the cannabis industry more eco-friendly, it’s no secret that there has been a significant amount of waste generated from it. This is why we love seeing brands like Omura. All of their firesticks use paper that is safer for the environment because they use a material that is biodegradable and can be easily added to the compost in your home.

Companies that develop biodegradable vape sticks from Omura are one way we can help increase the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the cannabis industry. One person consuming flower with these sticks is a relatively small gesture, but it can add up to something big. This is especially true considering how the single-use vape-oil cartridges are usually made from mostly plastic and some metal. All of those carts eventually find their ways into landfills, while Omura sticks are made of paper that can be recycled. This seemingly insignificant difference is something that more cannabis brands should do to help do their part to reduce waste.

About As Convenient As It Gets

The products from Omura are so approachable that any newcomer to the cannabis world will have no issue with them. Omura certainly didn’t invent vaporizing - far from it. But what they did do is add to the convenience of vaping at a relatively affordable price. When you load a vaporizer, you usually have to grind your flower, carefully load it, and make sure you don’t spill it, which is a hassle and often leads to wasted herb. Doing this isn’t all that difficult, but Omura’s products allow you to consume easily and immediately while on the go. Omura eliminates the hassle of loading and grinding by offering pre-filled cartridges. Each cartridge contains .17 grams of THC flower and .125 grams of CBD flower.

One cartridge is usually plenty for a single session for a newer consumer, but more experienced consumers might want two or three for a chill night at home. Each session gives about ten to twelve inhales. The good news is that the replacement packs aren’t that expensive, and are sold in packs of twelve. Vaporizers vary widely when it comes to the odor they give off. Products from Omura are about as orderless as you’ll find when vaping. You aren’t going to be blowing thick, milky vape clouds with Omura products - they are meant more for micro-dosing than lung-busting draws.

"The products from Omura are so approachable that any newcomer to the cannabis world will have no issue with them."

Omura devices have a temperature range of 300°F to up to 430°F and use convection heating. The flavor and terpene profile of their products are enticing and delicious enough for even the most experienced consumer to enjoy. Their proprietary base models (which is what heats the flower sticks) are easy to use. Basically, you insert the cartridge, press the button, and wait for it to heat up. A moment later, and you’re ready for a session. Omura’s base models come in four different colors: Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and White.

Omura Products: Price and Availability

You can get a starter pack for about $65 apiece for the CBD carts, which contain 10 CBD sticks and the Omura vape itself. For THC carts it’s about $20 more expensive, but legally those cannot be sold on their website - so you will have to check them out in person or call a dispensary to see if they have them.

Replacement cartridges range from $30-$60, with most costing no more than $40 for 2 grams. This is higher than you’ll pay at dispensaries, but the convenience factor combined with the eco-friendly nature of Omura sticks are worth it to many consumers. The Omura starter packs and flower sticks aren’t exactly the cheapest available products on the market. But what you are paying for is convenience and the fact that you’ll get a consistent product every time you buy them. One of the main things cannabis brands are striving for as we move forward is repeatability and consistency.

Omura-device Image credit: omura.com

Right now, Omura THC products are only available in California and Colorado, but that should hopefully change soon. CBD products are available in other states, but it depends on which one you are in and your local laws. Many cannabis brands are ready to expand into the relatively untapped market that is much of the east coast and parts of the midwest - and we would venture to guess that Omura is one of them.

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Jason Sander
Jason SanderJason is a versatile writer and marketer with over ten combined years of experience working with clients in various industries. He couples this expertise with six years of writing for the cannabis sector as well as a passion for the business side, and the science behind the plant medicine.




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