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There's a lack of direct-to-consumer marketing channels available to cannabis companies. Facebook, Instagram, and Google do not allow advertising for cannabis companies or related businesses. This is exactly why platforms such as HashDash are an optimal environment for brand discovery. The advertising opportunities offered by HashDash allow cannabis companies to fill a marketing void in the industry, and with the ability to geo-target ads and products to certain states, cities or zip codes.

How HashDash advertising works

HashDash gathers distinctive user data, employing it to deliver optimal cannabis matches to users. Concurrently, this data refines our ad targeting strategies, enabling hyper-targeting of users based on their specific characteristics and preferences.

Creating an advertising account

Establishing an advertising account is simple. Visit our advertising page and input key details such as your name, business name, email, and phone number to initiate the process. After submission, one of our representatives will reach out to explore whether HashDash aligns with your business requirements.

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