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Industry Spotlight: Dr. Dabber

Next up in our series of industry spotlights, we are highlighting the vaporizer company Dr. Dabber.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Oct. 23, 2020 · 6 min read
Industry Spotlight: Dr. Dabber

Next up in our series of industry spotlights, we are highlighting the vaporizer company Dr. Dabber. In this article, we briefly discuss their company history and some of their awesome vape products.

Dr. Dabber Brand History

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Dr. Dabber brand was first formed in 2013 the same way that many other companies were. They couldn’t find a portable vaporizer that fully satisfied them, so they started making their own. Their Aurora vape pen and their Boost e-Rig have both won several “best-in-class” awards. However, where we think Dr. Dabber truly shines is with their Switch.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Most vaporizer enthusiasts prefer convection heating, but the Dr. Dabber Switch utilizes a patent-pending induction heating technology that is basically unmatched. The Switch generates magnetic fields that allow the device to heat the cups, which are made of either ceramic or quartz. This allows the Switch to become a flower vaporizer or a dab rig with one single button press. Other dab rigs and oil vaporizers require the use of atomizers or eNails, but not the Switch - which is what sets this device apart from the competition.

The Switch also has a very wide temperature range of about 300°F - 800°F, with 25 preset temps available. This is one of the widest ranges of temperatures we have ever seen on a vaporizer. The lower temperatures are great for experiencing flavors and terpenes, while the higher temperatures produce some seriously lung-busting clouds. The Switch takes only about an hour to charge and lasts for up to 150 inhales on one charge, making it a vape with one of the longest-lasting batteries we’ve ever seen. It also delivers some top-notch vapor quality.

Dr-Dabber-Switch Image credit: drdabber.com

Obviously, all of this advanced technology means that the Switch isn’t the easiest vaporizer to operate, meaning it’s not the best of choices for newbies. Additionally, groundbreaking induction heating technology comes with a hefty price tag - about $399 on the Dr. Dabber website. Dr. Dabber will be coming out with a new edition of the switch with even more features, called the red edition, and this newer edition will be even more expensive. However, you get what you pay for, and innovative heating technology certainly isn’t cheap. You also get a good amount of accessories with the Switch - like a carb cap, induction cups, a bubbler attachment, a silicone dab wallet, and a pair of tweezers. Even the box that the Switch device comes in makes a solid carrying case.

"Other dab rigs and oil vaporizers require the use of atomizers or eNails, but not the Switch - which is what sets this device apart from the competition. "

Dr. Dabber Boost

When the original Boost made its debut in 2015, it was highly innovative and one of the first of its kind. In fact, it might have been the first portable dab rig ever. Before the Boost, taking dabs of cannabis concentrates required using a heat source like a blow torch. Consuming cannabis with a blow torch can be off-putting to many people, especially those who are inexperienced. Dr. Dabber changed all of this, which is why they won several awards for the Boost device.

The Boost black edition was released in early 2019, which was easier to use than the original, featured a faster heat-up time and a larger eNail. The Boost is significantly less expensive than the Switch, with a price tag of $130 on the brand’s website. Just like the Boost’s older sibling the Switch, this device features some awesome vapor quality as well as some decent battery life and a solid accessories kit.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Because we always want to do our best to help the newbie consumers, we wanted to add a third product to our highlight list that is about half of the price of the Boost. The Ghost is one of the best wax pens out there, and it costs only about $70 for a complete kit. - not to mention it heats up instantly. You can purchase the Ghost’s younger sibling, the Light for about $50, but the vapor quality isn’t nearly as good. The Ghost is also built well, which is a feature of the Dr. Dabber brand.

Dr-Dabber-Ghost-Vaporizer Image credit: drdabber.com

Many other wax pens require a burn-off time after unboxing, to remove any residual contaminants left over from the manufacturing process. With the Ghost, this isn’t required. The Ghost also is highly portable and fits in the palm of just about anyone’s hand. The only real downfalls of the Ghost are that it only has one heat setting and a relatively small chamber - holding only about .2 grams of wax. However, this isn’t an issue for those newer cannabis consumers who the Ghost is intended for.

HashDash - Spreading the Love and Supporting the Cannabis Industry

As you can see, the Dr. Dabber brand is one of the most innovative you’ll find on the vaporizer market today. This industry-leading innovation is one of the main reasons why we post articles on companies like Dr. Dabber.

We don’t get paid by the companies we cover in our industry spotlights. Why do we do them, you ask? Because, in addition to being your go-to cannabis matching platform, one of our main goals is to spread love while supporting the community as much as we can. We also want to help our website visitors find the best products and devices out there.

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Jason Sander
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