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10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

Waited until the last-minute for a gift for your favorite cannabis lover? HashDash has your back. These ideas are mostly under $50 and can be delivered in time.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Dec. 18, 2020 · 6 min read
10 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Cannabis Lovers

It happens to the best of us. Waiting until the last minute to get a holiday gift for a loved one, friend or significant other can be a bit hectic. But it doesn’t have to be - especially if they are a fellow cannabis lover. Here are 10 last-minute gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life.

Cannabis has come a long way in a remarkably short amount of time. What used to be relegated to the counter culture has now become mainstream. This will only continue to be true as well as peel back the layers of the deeply entrenched war on drugs as well as strike more blows against the prohibition of the plant medicine.

With a huge rise in infused beverages, cooking with cannabis, micro-dosing, and so many other innovative ways to consume, cannabis gifts are more popular in 2020 than ever before. With so many awesome products to choose from, there’s no shortage of ideas to make your fellow cannabis lover smile. Here are 10 of our favorite cannabis-related holiday gifts.

1. DabTabs

Dabbing is evolving with the introduction of amazing devices like portable dab rigs from innovative companies like Puffco. Despite this, dabbing can still be a complicated process that is a bit difficult to understand and isn’t always all that portable. DabTabs solves these issues with their pill-sized, organic mineral-based tabs filled with the perfect amount of cannabinoids for one dose.

lo-research-vaporizer Image credit: iloresearch.com

These tabs average about 35mg of THC in each one. They typically cost about $35 for 10 tabs, with a total of half of a gram per package. You can even get them delivered, depending on where you live. As conscious cannabis consumers, we are always looking for ways we can make the cannabis industry more eco-friendly and sustainable. The minimal waste resulting in consuming DabTabs is a great way to do your part.

2. Monthly Subscription Boxes

With monthly subscription boxes being sold in markets for everything from Hot Sauce to dog toys, why should the legal cannabis industry be any different? Here are some interesting cannabis-related subscription boxes.

Nugg Club - Curators pick premium flower, edibles, and concentrate products based on your preferences and send the box to your door every month. At $99, it’s a solid deal even for the savviest of consumers. The boxes are only available on the west coast right now, but hopefully, we will see this change as the industry evolves.

Sensi-Box - The New Hampshire-based Sensi-Box offers unique glass pieces and other smoking accessories in a monthly “420 Lifestyle Subscription Box.” There’s a $38 option that delivers 7 items, or a $23 option that delivers 5 items. Under $40? Many people spend more than that on coffee in a month.

Crate Joy Cannabis - Crate Joy is a subscription service that offers a ton of boxes - from entertainment to clothing and so much more. There are dozens of cannabis options available, so take your pick. Boxes come with a myriad of accessories and smoking devices - like rolling trays, papers, customized glass pipes, and so on.

3. Cannabis Perfume Oil

If your sweetheart loves cannabis, why not give them the gift of the sweetest smelling plant on the planet? It’s not a replica of how cannabis smells, more like an ode to its fragrance. But if you know, then you know. The cannabis fragrance from Malin and Goetz is rich and earthy, with a hint of spicy and smoky. While this cannabis perfume oil is one of their less expensive items, this stuff isn’t cheap - but good perfume or cologne never is.

4. Cannabis Cookbooks

If you’re having an older relative over for the holidays who might be open to “trying cannabis again for the first time” the best way to do that is to infuse it into a holiday dish. Cooking with cannabis at home has been increasing in popularity since the start of the pandemic forced us indoors a lot more. Many consumers are on the lookout for healthy alternatives to cannabutter and cannabis-infused recipes are becoming as popular as mainstream food content.


You can search the internet for cannabis recipes, but there’s something about the old school charm of getting a book as a present. It shows the giftee that you know what they are into and as a bonus, gives them an excuse to pay less attention to your relative’s boring holiday stories. Four of our favorite cannabis cookbooks are High Cookery, Small Bites for the Cannabis Kitchen, the Feel-Good Cannabis Kitchen, and Bong Appétit, from the editors of Munchies.

5. A Year’s Subscription of Netflix

This might seem like you are phoning it in, like getting Dad a tie every year. But you might be surprised! It can come in handy knowing that your entertainment is paid for until 2022. There is a lot of excellent cannabis-related content that resides on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Stoner comedies are always great for a good laugh after a session, too.

6. Wana Brand Gummies

No holiday wish list would be complete without candy, and we wanted to show love to one of our favorite edible brands, Wana. Wana gummies are far from candy, containing only natural sweeteners and other honest ingredients. Be sure to check their website to see if they sell gummies in your area.

Wana-Brands Image credit: wanabrands.com

7. Levo

For cannabis lovers, your own Levo device that makes edibles is the gift that keeps on giving. While the price tag isn’t cheap - around $250, the ability to make your own infused foods at the touch of a button is worth it in our opinion. These devices come in five colors and have three settings: dry, activate, and infuse. You can infuse up to 19 oz of oil or butter with herbs at the touch of a button. These devices aren’t shipping until after Christmas at this point. However, a receipt that you bought one last minute along with a homemade edible to hold you over should be enough to satisfy even the hardest to please.

8. Puffco Plus

Wax pens are as popular as ever, and the Puffco brand makes one of the best - at least in our opinion. The Plus wax pen won’t deliver huge clouds, but most concentrate consumers are more interested in tasting the nuances in terpene profiles than blowing lung-busting rips. High-quality wax pens are rarely as affordable as the Puffco Plus. But at under $100, this small but mighty device is as affordable as it is sleek, durable, and high-performance.

9. Focus V Carta Portable Dab Rig

Puffco Peak is one of the best portable dab rigs on the planet. But since a Puffco product already appeared on our list, we wanted to show some love to another awesome dab rig. The Focus V Carta is the biggest competitor to the Peak - each has its strengths and weaknesses like any other competing devices.

10. GanjaLand Board Game

Every gift idea list has to have some kind of gag idea or novelty, and that’s exactly what our last idea is. The GanjaLand game is almost like the CandyLand of Cannabis - at least from what we see. A lot of us say it all the time - we are too buried in our screens and we look at them too often. What better way for some holiday bonding than to play a board game based on weed after eating a homemade edible? Does it get any better than that!? We suggest that it cannot!

HashDashing Through the Snow

Did you enjoy our article on winter holiday gift ideas for cannabis lovers? If so, please check us out more often, as we have new content every week. We’ve got a ton of awesome cannabis-related content planned for 2021, and that’s not even to mention launching our matching platform. We don’t make any money from these products, we just love using them! HashDash is building a community and helping to educate the cannabis consumer of the future. Be sure to sign up for HashDash if you haven’t already to discover your cannabis matches.

Do you have an idea for a cannabis-related gift that we missed here on our list? We want to hear about it! Connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter - @hashdash.com on all platforms.

As always, thanks for reading, and happy consuming!

Jason Sander
Jason SanderJason is a versatile writer and marketer with over ten combined years of experience working with clients in various industries. He couples this expertise with six years of writing for the cannabis sector as well as a passion for the business side, and the science behind the plant medicine.




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