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Industry Spotlight: AirGraft Vapes

AirGraft disrupts the vaping industry with innovative technology, transparency, and dedication to consumer safety. See what makes them one of the best vape brands.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Aug. 30, 2021 · 4 min read
Industry Spotlight: AirGraft Vapes

Adding to our growing list of vaporizer companies we love is AirGraft Vapes. The AirGraft team brings backgrounds in both tech and the medical field to produce a truly unique extraction pod vaporizer experience.

If you’re new to the wonderful world of vaporizers, be sure to start with our primer on Inhalation Consumption Methods for a cannabis vaporizers 101 lesson. We’ve previously done Industry Spotlights on the vape companies Puffco and Dr. Dabber.

A Focus on Consumer Safety

One of the biggest things that stood out to us about AirGraft is its dedication to consumer safety. The 2018 vaping crisis exposed the need for more attention to be paid to consumer safety, and AirGraft really shines with its transparency. AirGraft’s innovative Magic Key technology utilizes a digital chromatic code that lets you real real-time lab test results of any extract before you consume it. This way, you know where your concentrates are coming from.

Highly Innovative and Transparent

Additionally, AirGraft uses only FDA-recognized, food-safe materials. This is a potential upgrade over plastic vaporizer cartridges, as plastic can leave behind contaminants in the oil. What’s more, AirGraft’s unique and affordable subscription model is paving the way for more innovation in the vaporizer industry. Subscribers are treated to free vaporizer pods, and only have to pay for the cannabis oil.

AirGraft Vape Features

On top of remarkable industry disruption, AirGraft still finds a way to deliver innovative tech. One of the ways that they do this is with the app. Their AirGraft app follows the unique terpene and cannabinoid content of your vaporizer pods. This innovation is remarkable, as it offers consumers detailed information on what they ingest.

Product labels list the extract’s cannabinoids and sometimes the terpenes in some states. Rarely do labels list anything about solvents used (such as butane) or any potential contaminants found in the cannabis oil. Airgraft is doing its part to stop this by offering certificates of analysis, that is built right into the app. The unique digital codes that can be found on each individual Pod will also utilize encryption. This encryption helps prevent fakes as well as duplicates.

Intelligent Temperature Controls and Top-Shelf Vapor Quality

Most vaporizers use either exact digital temperatures or three settings - typically these are low, medium, high settings. When you seek to control vaping temperature, you're essentially taking a shot in the dark, because each extract has different boiling points. You could accidentally push your cannabis oil past the point of combustion, which basically defeats the purpose of vaping. Combusting oil can be wasteful too, and can lead you to inhale harmful bi-products.

airgraft-vape-and-cart.jpg Image credit: airgraft.com

Airgraft 2 pods use tailored heating profiles for each batch of extract produced by some of the Golden State's most respected brands. Many consumers believe fresh-frozen plant material offers the most flavorful vaping experience that honestly embodies the cultivar's terpene profile. This is precisely what you get with live resin pods from the AirGraft company. Thanks to the ceramic heating element each inhale has the potential to be is as tasty as the first one.

Additionally, Airgraft vape pods do not require any filters! Savvy consumers can get up to 40% more inhales from each pod. This is significantly more than most 510 carts. For only ten bucks a month, you can subscribe to AirGraft pods. This will give you access to the Airgraft 2 pods that can be purchase on the brand's website.

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Jason Sander
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