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Find Cannabis that Has an Earthy Flavor

On this page, you can find cultivars that may have an earthy flavor and aroma.

When you consume anything that comes from the earth, there’s a good chance that it may have that earthy flavor. This is exactly the case with earthy-flavored cannabis. Even if it isn’t grown in soil, certain varieties of cannabis have that earthy flavor that resembles that rich, grassy taste with a hint of pine, that feels like it came from well-toiled soil.

The most abundant terpene in Earthy cannabis is myrcene, with its secondary terpenes being humulene and pinene. Some of the most common cultivars with earthy flavors are Green Crack, Bubba Kush, GG4, and Tahoe OG.

Cultivars that taste like earthy

According to HashDash users, the following cultivars taste like earthy.

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sativaRed Congolese
myrceneTHC 23%
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sativaSour Diesel
caryophylleneTHC 18%
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sativaJack Herer
terpinoleneTHC 17%CBG 1%
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hybridSundae Driver
limoneneTHC 21%CBG 1%




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