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Sour Diesel


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Immerse yourself in the invigorating experience of Sour Diesel, a strain that leaves a lasting impression with its sharp, fuel-like aroma - a scent that gives this classic strain its distinctive name. Thanks to its primary terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene, Sour Diesel also presents undertones of citrus and spice that further enhance its unique aroma profile.

Sour Diesel, often abbreviated to "Sour D", is a sativa-dominant strain that is believed to have descended from Chemdog and Super Skunk. This classic strain offers a potent and fast-acting cerebral high, with THC averaging 18%, marking it as a favorite amongst experienced consumers.

Sour Diesel stands out for its energizing and euphoric effects. HashDash platform users often report feeling a burst of creativity and mental clarity, making it a perfect strain for daytime use or when you need an uplifting boost. It truly shines as a cultivar that promotes productivity and engages the mind.

Visually, Sour Diesel's appeal is evident in its medium-sized, round buds that carry an olive green color interspersed with bright orange pistils. A shimmering layer of frosty trichomes indicates the potency that lies beneath.

Among HashDash users, Sour Diesel has been highlighted for potentially alleviating symptoms of stress, depression, and pain. Its cerebral high can uplift mood, making it a potential choice for those dealing with depression or stress, while its minor physical effects might assist those suffering from pain. However, due to its potency, it's recommended to consume Sour Diesel responsibly as it may cause dry mouth, dry eyes, and, in some cases, paranoia.

With its uniquely pungent aroma, powerful cerebral effects, and beloved status in the cannabis community, Sour Diesel stands out as a strain that's more than just sour by name. Whether you're seeking a boost of creativity, a surge of energy, or just an uplift in mood, Sour Diesel could be the strain to fuel your journey. Remember to consume responsibly and enjoy the invigorating ride!

Dominant Terpenecaryophyllene
Parent CultivarsChemdawgSuper Skunk

Top Reported Effects

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happy (3,112)
uplifted (2,753)
euphoric (2,680)

Negative Effects

dry mouth (1,706)
dry eyes (939)
paranoid (490)

Alleviates symptoms

stress (1,861)
pain (1,160)
fatigue (673)

Helps with conditions

depression (1,420)
anxiety (1,380)
ADD / ADHD (515)
This information is for entertainment and education purposes only. Platform user feedback on cultivar effects is based on the individual’s experience, and not based on the advice of any medical professional.

Flavors and Aroma

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Consumed by 895 people


Consumed by 779 people

Is Sour Diesel Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Sour Diesel is a sativa. Its lineage is Chemdawg and Super Skunk.

Due to advanced cultivation techniques and cross-breeding, essentially most cultivars are hybrids.

Is Sour Diesel strong?

Sour Diesel has a THC percentage of 18%. Newer consumers may consider this a medium-THC strain. While THC content varies, Sour Diesel may be a good entry strain.

Experiences vary depending on the consumer. Tolerance level, lifestyle, diet, and growing method all impact how a strain makes you feel.

What does Sour Diesel smell like?

HashDash platform users indicate that Sour Diesel smells like diesel, due to its terpenes profile of caryophyllene.

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Positive Effects

Negative Effects

Alleviates Symptoms

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