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The Original Glue strain, also called Gorilla Glue and GG4, has an earthy, pungent, and piney flavor with a hint of mocha, thanks to its dominant terpene caryophyllene. Ancillary terpenes consist of myrcene and humulene. The smell of Original Glue can almost always be smelled through a plastic bag, due to its intense robustness. This strain is one of the most widely searched and popular varieties in the cannabis industry today.

This strain has a lineage of the classic Chemdawg/ Chem Sis family and Soul Diesel. Named after the strong adhesive, this cultivar gets its title from the remarkable amount of trichome-containing resin that collects when trimming or breaking up flower. The origins of this strain come from trimmers getting their scissors stuck like glue on the dense, dank trichomes that this award-winning strain produces.

Your hands will get sticky when handling this strain, which is why we recommend using a grinder or even rubber gloves to handle your Original Glue flower. Consumers often remark that flower from this strain sticks to their hands like glue if handled with bare hands. The Original Glue strain first made its debut at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in California, taking first place. It has since gone on to win over 6 state Cannabis Cups in Michigan, Illinois, and Washington.

This strain has an average of 18% THC content. Some consumers report feeling relaxed, happy, and euphoric when ingesting Original Glue. Due to its strong sedative properties, Original Glue is recommended for nighttime consumption and is a cultivar that newbies should consume with caution. In fact, many cannabis consumers believe Original Glue is the stickiest flower they have ever consumed, offering some of the best pain relief of any strain.

Common negative side effects of Original Glue are that consumers feel dry mouth, dry eyes, and dizziness after over-consumption. HashDash users report relief from stress, depression, and the aforementioned pain when ingesting Original Glue. Original Glue may help consumers with conditions like anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD.

Dominant Terpenecaryophyllene
Parent CultivarsChem Sis

Top Reported Effects

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relaxed (2,069)
happy (1,683)
euphoric (1,599)

Negative Effects

dry mouth (771)
dry eyes (396)
dizzy (166)

Alleviates symptoms

stress (917)
pain (747)
insomnia (540)

Helps with conditions

depression (707)
anxiety (703)
PTSD (354)
This information is for entertainment and education purposes only. Platform user feedback on cultivar effects is based on the individual’s experience, and not based on the advice of any medical professional.

Flavors and Aroma

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Consumed by 820 people


Consumed by 684 people


Consumed by 511 people

Is GG4 Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

GG4 is a hybrid. Its lineage is Chem Sis.

Due to advanced cultivation techniques and cross-breeding, essentially most cultivars are hybrids.

Is GG4 strong?

GG4 has a THC percentage of 18%. Newer consumers may consider this a medium-THC strain. While THC content varies, GG4 may be a good entry strain.

Experiences vary depending on the consumer. Tolerance level, lifestyle, diet, and growing method all impact how a strain makes you feel.

What does GG4 smell like?

HashDash platform users indicate that GG4 smells earthy, due to its terpenes profile of myrcene.

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Dominant Terpene



Positive Effects

Negative Effects

Alleviates Symptoms

Helps with

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