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Welcome to the calming coastal vibes of SFV OG, a sublime hybrid strain hailing from the sun-kissed valleys of San Fernando in Southern California. While SFV OG is sometimes confused with its parent, OG Kush, this strain offers its unique palette of flavors and effects.

SFV OG is celebrated for its balanced, medium-to-high THC levels, typically around 20%. It initiates an invigorating cerebral high that gradually unfurls into a body-melting relaxation, making it a perfect choice for those end-of-the-day wind-down sessions. This cannabis classic carries a reputation for easing stress, anxiety, and pain, and is also known to inspire bouts of the giggles, so keep your funny friends close!

On the flavor front, SFV OG is nothing short of a terpene symphony. The primary terpenes, such as Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene, create a melody of pine, lemon, and earthy notes that are truly unforgettable. On the exhale, subtle undertones of musk and sweet, ripe fruits make their presence known, making every puff of SFV OG a true sensory delight.

SFV OG's bud structure further solidifies its appeal. It features dense, olive green nuggets, generously sprinkled with a crystalline layer of trichomes, and adorned with copper-colored hairs. This eye-catching appearance mirrors the strain's compelling blend of effects and flavors.

HashDash users often highlight SFV OG's potential therapeutic benefits, suggesting it for those dealing with conditions like chronic pain, stress, and inflammation. However, because of its potency, novice consumers or those with a low tolerance are advised to start low and go slow.

Embrace the Californian serenity with SFV OG. Whether you're enjoying a Pacific sunset or just unwinding after a long day, this strain is your companion for a tranquil and euphoric journey. Just remember, respect the potency, and consume responsibly. Enjoy the ride!

Dominant Terpenemyrcene
Parent CultivarsOG Kush

Top Reported Effects

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happy (307)
relaxed (303)
euphoric (262)

Negative Effects

dry mouth (130)
dry eyes (74)
dizzy (27)

Alleviates symptoms

pain (182)
stress (173)
headaches (78)

Helps with conditions

anxiety (137)
depression (137)
PTSD (63)
This information is for entertainment and education purposes only. Platform user feedback on cultivar effects is based on the individual’s experience, and not based on the advice of any medical professional.

Flavors and Aroma

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Consumed by 126 people


Consumed by 111 people


Consumed by 82 people

Is SFV OG Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

SFV OG is a hybrid. Its lineage is OG Kush.

Due to advanced cultivation techniques and cross-breeding, essentially most cultivars are hybrids.

Is SFV OG strong?

SFV OG has a THC percentage of 20%. Newer consumers may consider this a medium-THC strain. While THC content varies, SFV OG may be a good entry strain.

Experiences vary depending on the consumer. Tolerance level, lifestyle, diet, and growing method all impact how a strain makes you feel.

What does SFV OG smell like?

HashDash platform users indicate that SFV OG smells earthy, due to its terpenes profile of myrcene.

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Dominant Terpene



Positive Effects

Negative Effects

Alleviates Symptoms

Helps with

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