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How to Pair Dessert Cultivars with Thanksgiving Dishes

Dessert cultivars are some of the most popular on dispensary shelves today. This article covers what dessert cultivars are, examples of some of the best, as well as an example of a delicious Thanksgiving menu of how to pair them with your feast.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Nov. 12, 2021 · 4 min read
How to Pair Dessert Cultivars with Thanksgiving Dishes

Thanksgiving is arguably the best time of the year for food lovers, and what way to make it better than cannabis? Here we review what dessert cultivars are and how to pair them with your Thanksgiving feast.

When you look at today’s menus in dispensaries, you might wonder if you’re at a bakery or cafe instead. Before we dive into how to pair dessert cultivars with Thanksgiving Dishes, let’s describe further what they are, why they are popular, and what makes them so delicious.

What Are Dessert Cultivars?

Gone are the days where the only flavors we could enjoy were skunk, earthy, and so on. There’s a reason why dessert cultivars are popular now, and possibly one of the best-selling cannabis flower and concentrate products. It’s because they are just as delicious as the tasty foods they attempt to emulate. There are thousands of terpene profiles out there nowadays, and dessert cultivars help make your flower consumption experience or dabbing session as delicious as Ice Cream.

"There are thousands of terpene profiles out there nowadays, and dessert cultivars help make your flower consumption experience or dabbing session as delicious as Ice Cream.

From sweet and sugary to fruity and candy-like, dessert cultivars may be even tastier than the dish you’re eating. And what’s more, by consuming dessert cultivars, you can treat yourself to sweet treats without the sugar or caloric intake! The skill of cannabis breeding and creating uniquely tasting phenotypes has never been better.

One of the main reasons we can enjoy sugary tasty and candy-reminiscent cultivars is thanks to the wonderful world of terpenes. These complex compounds like sweet and fruity limonene and the savory, floral linalool lend themselves nicely to the best-tasting dessert cultivars.

Some of the Most Popular Dessert Cultivars

Here are some of the most popular dessert cultivars you will find on dispensary shelves. We recommend consuming these sugary, sweet cultivars in a vaporizer, whether you choose to go with flower, hash rosin, or any other concentrate.

Wedding Cake

A phenotype of Thin Mints, which is a descendant of the Cookies family, Wedding Cake is arguably the most prevalent dessert cultivar right now. The specific flavor that hits your tongue will widely depend on the grower and the genetics they use. Most consumers seem to think of wedding cake vanilla and cookie dough, with a nice hint of sweetness and kush.

Ice Cream Cake

Cake-like cultivars are among the most popular in dispensaries and retail locations. If you go into any of these establishments, you’re almost certain to find the tasty dessert cultivar Ice Cream Cake. A cross between Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake might be the best dessert cultivar on the market today. This cultivar tastes like vaporizing dairy dessert.

Cherry Pie

Another cultivar to get its genetics from the Cookie family, Cherry Pie is a cross between the classics Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison. Cherry Pie tastes like sugary-sweet cherries, exactly the flavor you’d expect this delicious dessert cultivar to be.

Orange Creamsicle

This cultivar lives up to its name, with a throwback to memories of those of us who are old enough to remember getting an Orange Julius at the shopping mall or an ice cream bar from the convenience store. This fruity, creamy, vanilla, citrus-tasting cultivar is a cross between Orange Crush and Juicy Fruit.


A cross between the classic GSC, as well as Gelato #25, and South Florida OG, the Indica-dominant Biscotti will remind just about any consumer of the Italian dessert. Just like the real after-dinner dessert, the Biscotti cultivar tastes nutty and sweet with a hint of herbal and floral. This cultivar pairs well with coffee, just like the actual dessert.

Pairing Dessert Cultivars with Thanksgiving Food

With the examples of some of the best dessert cultivars in mind, let’s go over just one of the ways of how to pair them with your Thanksgiving feast.


If you’re like many Thanksgiving lovers, you enjoy a nice cheese plate with your appetizer. For our feast this year, we’re planning on pairing an aged, smoked cheese plate with Orange Creamsicle. The savory smokiness paired with the sweet creaminess of the Orange Creamsicle makes a great pairing.



Nothing pairs better with a garden or Cesar salad than the terpene limonene. You’ll find the cultivars Biscotti and Lemon Berry have a dominant terpene profile of limonene.

Main Course

The terpene caryophyllene offers an earthy and musky flavor that pairs well with the savory taste of gravy poured on a delicious turkey. Cultivars like Purple Punch and Wedding Cake have a dominant terpene profile of caryophyllene.


The sweet, sugar, and cherry flavor in Cherry Pie pairs well with any kind of fruit pie you go with after dinner: whether it’s blueberry, apple, or cherry as well. Additionally, the cinnamon notes from cultivars found in myrcene pair perfectly with everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie.

Bottom Line: Pairing Dessert Cultivars With Thanksgiving Dishes

This is just one example of how to pair dessert cultivars with your Thanksgiving menu. One of the best things about learning about cannabis consumption is finding your favorite cultivars, and the same holds the latest development of the menu for your feast. Keep in mind that everyone’s taste buds on their palettes are different, and enjoying how dessert cultivars hit our tongues is no different.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even try enjoying a social tonic, also known as a microdose-infused beverage with your dessert cultivars. Just be sure you don’t go overboard because most of these cultivars on this list are some of the most potent you’ll find.

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