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5 of the Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes in 2021

Are cannabis subscription boxes worth it? Which ones are best? Read this article for a breakdown of the top ten herb-related boxes in 2021.

Jason SanderJason Sander · May 21, 2021 · 4 min read
5 of the Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes in 2021

Wondering if cannabis subscription boxes are worth the money, and which ones are the best? Here we break down the top ten herb-related boxes and expand on industry regulations.

Nowadays, we’ve got access to subscription boxes for just about everything under the sun. From food to clothing, to comic books and cosmetics, the subscription box business is worth billions. Naturally, legal cannabis-related companies will want to try their hands at the subscription box business, and there’s certainly no shortage of them. And subscription boxes are more popular than ever, becoming one of the most lucrative sectors in any industry - thanks in large part to the pandemic and so many people needing to stay home. According to Business Wars, nearly 1 in 3 Americans pay at least $50 a month for subscription boxes, and 1 in 10 shells out $100 or more!

In theory, a subscription box offers convenience, saves you time and hopefully money, as well as offering you products you might have never heard of - all based on your interests. And there’s something about unboxing a new monthly subscription box that offers an excitement factor that just isn’t the same as buying it yourself.

Additionally, for those of us who live in areas where legalization has yet to catch up, the delivery of products is a foreign concept as of now. Thankfully, there are subscription boxes that can pick up that slack for those of us outside of legal areas. With this sentiment in mind, here are 10 cannabis subscription boxes that stand out to us in 2021.

1. SensiBox

SensiBox offers two subscription boxes - the Light Box for $23.00 / month and the Original box for $38.00 / month. The Light Box comes with five items a month, and a smoking device. The Original Box comes with seven items a month, and a higher quality smoking device. Shipping is free inside the U.S.

Customer satisfaction is relatively rare in the world of subscription boxes in general, and perhaps even more so for cannabis-related ones. The high rating SensiBox has received from their return customers made it stand out to us, and we think this one is worth checking out.

2. NuggClub

Although boxes with cannabis flower and concentrates are typically not available on the east coast, we wanted to add NuggClub to this list. We believe NuggClub offers a solid blueprint for others to follow as regulations continue to evolve. NuggClub is only available in California at the moment - Los Angeles and Orange County to be exact.

nuggclub-box.jpg Image credit: nuggclub.com

NuggClub stands out to us because of its interactive and engaging website, personalized boxes based on a customer quiz, and a delivery window on the customer’s schedule. Their boxes are also relatively inexpensive and include membership access to an extensive menu of products at wholesale prices.

3. CannaBox

One of the OGs of the cannabis subscription box game, CannaBox keeps it simple, offering a single monthly box at $30.99, containing 6 to 8 ‘useful accessories’ that typically follow a theme. For instance, in their “Bee Happy” box, CannaBox customers got a honeycomb pipe, a Bee Happy shirt, as well as bee accessories.

cannabox.jpg Image credit: cannabox.com

CannaBox smoking devices are usually smaller pipes in comparison to their competitors on this list, but their boxes usually come with fun accessories and shirts that their competitors don’t offer. Looking at what came with their previous monthly boxes will give you some insight on what to expect to receive, but what customers get month to month is a bit of a mystery. This mystery might be fun for some consumers, but others that don’t love surprises might want to look elsewhere.

4. Hemper Box

Hemper Box offers the most variety and choices on this list, with four different tiers of subscription boxes, ranging from $9 to $39.99 per month. This box has the daily cannabis consumer in mind.

The Hemper Core box for $9 a month comes with lighters, wicks, rolling papers, and other accessories. The HemperTech cleaning box for $19.99 per month keeps you stocked with all of the items you need to keep your devices clean - like cleaning brushes, alcohol pads, and so on. The Hemper Pack box for $21 a month comes with seven items a month and is a mixture of their first two.

The premium Hemper Box for $39.99 is their most popular offering, coming with guaranteed glass pieces and all of the typical accessories. What makes their premium Hemper Box stand out is that they typically include something subscribers can actually smoke, like legal CBD pre-rolls.

Customer satisfaction is high for the duration of Hemper Box’s lifespan as a company, which is again, pretty rare in the subscription box game. There were very few reports of broken glass, as far as we saw, and returns seem to be processed with relatively little hassle.

5. Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler boxes come in three different subscription levels. The Rollers Club box is $15.99 per month and is geared towards consumers who like to roll their own. The Butler Box adds glass pieces to the papers and rolling accessories at $39.99 per month. The Master’s Club box costs $139.99 per month and comes with premium glass pieces and rolling supplies.

Hippie Butler offers customization for their boxes, with subscribers of The Rollers Club box choosing between hemp wraps and roller papers, and subscribers of the other two choosing between dry herbs and concentrates. Similar to Hemper Box and CannaBox, Hippie Butler boxes come with a medium to large glass piece and some hopefully interesting third-party items.

Cannabis Industry Adapts To Regulations

While there are many cannabis subscription boxes available to West Coast consumers that come with actual products, we have yet to see this happen in such abundance here on the East Coast. As with everything in the cannabis industry, subscription boxes, delivery, and so on, will continue to change with regulations. These regulatory changes are a challenge for cannabis businesses in general, but these above five boxes offer a blueprint of success for others to step in and offer quality subscription boxes in the next few years.

"These regulatory changes are a challenge for cannabis businesses in general, but these above five boxes offer a blueprint of success for others to step in and offer quality subscription boxes in the next few years.

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