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Find Cannabis That Makes You Hungry

If you’re searching for cannabis that will help stimulate your appetite, here are a few cultivars that may do just that.

One of the most commonly reported feelings after consuming cannabis is feeling hungry, or getting the munchies. According to research, this is due largely to cannabinoids like THC interacting with a hormone called ghrelin, which is secreted by the stomach. Ghrelin stimulates appetite, and it is thought that patients who have issues with desiring food lack this hormone, such as cancer patients going through chemo.

Two of the most appetite-inducing terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene. Cultivars with a higher THC content, like Grape Cookies, CBD Rich Blessing, OG Kush, Sticky Buns, and Blueberry Clementine increase your hunger.

Cultivars that make you hungry

According to HashDash users, the following cultivars have made them feel hungry.

Start matching with cultivars that may make you feel hungry.


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