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Ten Things Cannabis Enthusiasts Can Be Thankful For in 2020

Looking for things to be thankful for as a cannabis enthusiast? In this article, we discuss ten things that we can all be thankful for this holiday season.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Nov. 20, 2020 · 6 min read
Ten Things Cannabis Enthusiasts Can Be Thankful For in 2020

Everyone needs something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving, and with everything happening due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is especially true here in 2020. Here are ten things we are most thankful for as cannabis enthusiasts this Thanksgiving.

1.) Adult-Use Legalization in These Four States

One of the biggest wins for cannabis enthusiasts this year is that adult-use legalization passed in four states: South Dakota, Montana, Arizona, and New Jersey. Although the implementation of legalization hit a bit of a snag in New Jersey, it looks like lawmakers are back on track after voters approved of Public Question 2. As we move forward into 2022 and 2024, we could possibly see even more states voting on legal cannabis, thanks to the ones that helped get the ball rolling. These monumental wins were huge in a year where good news was less abundant than any other time we can remember.

Perhaps the most notable of the wins in the four states is that a medical program and a recreational market passed at the same time in South Dakota - which is a first for the cannabis industry. As long as both a medical program and a recreational market is successfully implemented, South Dakota could serve as an example for the industry - setting the bar for other states who could legalize both at the same time. For in-depth coverage and all of the details of all the four states that legalized, as well as other drug war wins this election season, be sure to check out our previous articles.


2.) Essential Cannabis

Outside of the wins in four states that now legalized adult-use cannabis, the plant was also deemed an essential service earlier this year. In a year when so many businesses were forced to close, the fact that essential medical cannabis dispensaries were allowed to remain open speaks volumes. We were pleased to see this happen because cannabis medicine is just as essential for patients as traditional pharmacies. Perhaps the fact that cannabis was deemed essential was a big part of the reason why the ballot initiatives passed so easily in four states.

3.) Making Edibles at Home

In a year when we are all spending much more time at home, many people have been learning to cook or boosting their cooking skills. Cannabis lovers have been learning how to make edibles at home. Making your own edibles saves money, it’s fun - and not to mention, it can make your house smell delicious. It’s not just making bud brownies anymore! You can make kief oil, infused coconut oil, and much more.

The vast number of delicious cannabis-infused dishes are only limited by your own imagination. Just be sure to read up on the difference between cannabis edibles and other ways to consume, so you aren’t hit by an overwhelming medicated effect. Not sure how to get started cooking with cannabis? Here’s a perfect primer for you to check out and learn how to cook with cannabis.

4.) Cannabis Documentaries and Movies

A popular topic of conversation this year was “what are you watching on Netflix?” Because - you guessed it - more people are staying home. Even though Netflix raised its prices on all subscriptions, they keep getting a steady stream of new viewers. In fact, Netflix earned about 15 million new subscribers worldwide this year, according to statista.com.

Even though Netflix seems to be one of the most popular ways for people to entertain themselves, it is not the only way, of course. One of the things we did more of this year was that we dug out some of our favorite old school cannabis-related DVDs. This prompted us to create this list of some of our favorite cannabis movies and documentaries. It certainly wouldn’t kill moviemakers to add a character or two that simply consumes cannabis responsibly. While we’d love to see cannabis movies and shows ditch the tired old “stoner stereotype” trope, they are still classic comedies that we all love.

5.) Changing Attitudes Towards Cannabis

As evidenced by the adult-use ballot initiatives passing easily in four states, attitudes are changing towards cannabis. According to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Americans now favor legal cannabis. This poll was done last Thanksgiving in 2019, so we are interested to see a similar poll conducted in 2020 because that number is likely even higher thanks to all of the legalization we’ve seen this election cycle. Attitudes are changing towards cannabis, and 2020 could have a huge impact on how all Americans view the plant medicine.

6.) Clean Devices

It’s the simple things in life sometimes, isn’t it? One of the things that we are thankful for this year is the fact that we have clean bongs, pipes, and vaporizers. Ask any cannabis enthusiast and they will tell you, there’s nothing worse than a dirty piece. Clean devices help our dry herbs taste better and help to retain the terpene profiles of our concentrates. Looking for a quick guide to help you get the tastiest bong rips? Check out our step-by-step article right here.


7.) Remote Work

We were disappointed and saddened by how many people lost their jobs this year, which made us very thankful that we can work remotely. Many industries have had to do their work remotely this year, and we are grateful to be among them. We were happy to see that companies were offering incentives for remote workers to perform better at home, such as GrubHub gift cards, ergonomic desk chairs, and the like. These incentives will only continue as workplaces adapt to a fast-changing world, and should continue even when the COVID-1o pandemic finally ends.

8.) Virtual Conferences

In addition to work happening remotely, many industries saw an increase in virtual conferences. We were thankful for virtual networking events and remote conferences in a time when in-person activities have come to a halt. Zoom calls exploded in popularity in both our personal and professional lives. Of course, the cannabis industry is no different, but not all virtual conferences are created equal. We compiled a list of what we thought were some of the best virtual cannabis conferences to give a nod to those that stood out from the rest.

9.) Black Friday Deals

No Thanksgiving list would be complete without mentioning how we are thankful for Black Friday deals. As is the case with everything else this year, black Friday will look a lot different in 2020. Dispensaries have a history of offering Black Friday deals, and this year should be the same, even though orders will be picked up curbside and placed online much more than usual. Discounted 8ths, extra prerolls, door-busting deals, and other black Friday deals could be prevalent this year, perhaps even more so as people stock up for what could be a tough winter.

10.) Leftovers

Lastly, but most certainly not least, we are thankful for Thanksgiving leftovers. From making sandwiches with leftover turkey to enjoying Mom’s famous pumpkin pie well into December, few things are better than Thanksgiving leftovers. Why not change things up this year? Instead of turkey, maybe enjoy some lobster tail with cannabutter? Or, you could check out this article for five healthier alternatives to cannabutter if you aren’t feeling it. It’s the little things that can brighten our lives, especially this year.


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Jason Sander
Jason SanderJason is a versatile writer and marketer with over ten combined years of experience working with clients in various industries. He couples this expertise with six years of writing for the cannabis sector as well as a passion for the business side, and the science behind the plant medicine.




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