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Industry Spotlight - GRAV Labs

Cannabis smoking devices can be a dime a dozen. In the latest installment of our Industry Spotlight series, we explain why we love GRAV Lab’s exceptional pipes and what sets this company apart from the rest.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Jan. 13, 2022 · 4 min read
Industry Spotlight - GRAV Labs

Continuing our ongoing series on cannabis brands we respect and appreciate, our latest installment is about Grav accessories. Here, we discuss what we know about the brand, their cannabis accessories, and offer up some of our personal opinions about their products.

Any cannabis consumer that has been to a headshop can attest to the fact that most smoking accessories are a dime a dozen. For this reason, HashDash is on a mission to show love to the companies that make exceptional products that can enhance your consumption experience.

In a previous installment of our Industry Spotlight series, we explained why HØJ accessories fall into this category of premium, upscale, exceptional cannabis products. We’ll give a bit of a background in GRAV while explaining what sets them apart from your run-of-the-mill smoking accessories, and then highlight some of the best-selling SKUs.

GRAV Labs - Company History

The people at GRAV have artistry roots and are cannabis consumers themselves. Underwhelmed and uninspired by the typical smoking accessories found in most shops, they set out to make their own.

smoking_GRAV_product.jpg Image credit: grav.com

In their own words, GRAV creates “precision instruments for consuming cannabis, with design and functionality remaining at the forefront of all their creations because how you smoke is just as important as what you smoke.”

In 2007, GRAV founder and CEO Dave Daily created the company’s first piece, as a result of attending a Cannabis Cup. Daily saw most consumers were using small glass tasters (aka one-hitters) and felt like they were simplistic and lacking in style. From there, Daily decided to test the waters at the Austin City Music Festival.

After being impressed by these first one-hitters, an early investor decided to purchase all of the small pieces Daily made. From there, Daily was able to purchase more taster machines, work with top glassblowers, and eventually expand the GRAV brand from a handful of products to every category of pipe, grinders, and so on. Pipe design is a passion that everyone at GRAV shares, and HashDash does as well.

"GRAV creates “precision instruments for consuming cannabis, with design and functionality remaining at the forefront of all their creations because how you smoke, is just as important as what you smoke.”

GRAV Labs - Classic One-Hitter

Staying true to their roots, one of GRAV’s best-selling pipes is their classic taster. The silicone skin wrapped around this 12MM GRAV taster makes it bouncy and shock-absorbent, and the brand claims you can throw it across the room without breaking it. We don’t recommend doing that, though.

The mouthpiece is brilliantly designed, and its pinched angle acts as an ash catcher as you smoke. There is also a cap at the end that helps keep your flower in place while smoking. This prevents it from falling out, as many consumers may have experienced. Even for its exceptional design and durable quality, GRAV’s classic one-hitter is still reasonably priced.

GRAV Labs - Helix Hand Pipe

Another one of GRAV’s best-selling pipes is their 7” Helix hand pipe, and we can see why. Not only does the Helix pipe look cool, but its design is also exceptional. The chamber mouthpiece has three air intake holes that cool and spin smoke, which is neat to watch but also easy on the throat. The Helix design also helps preserve your flower rather than burning through everything on a few tokes.

Requiring no additional accessories or water, the Helix is one of the best pipes we’ve ever smoked out of. Two feet prop the pipe up when not in use, which we thought was a really nice touch. The exceptional design and functionality of GRAV’s Helix, as is the case with all of their pipes, justifies its price tag that is higher than most of the pipes you’ll buy.

GRAV Labs - Empress Water Pipe

We’d be remiss in this article if we didn’t mention one of GRAV’s water pipes. One of their best-selling bongs, the Empress is statuesque. The Empress stands very tall at over one foot, and its base is six inches wide. The Empress's perc (or carb) is custom-designed for as smooth of an inhale as possible.

Bottom Line - GravLabs

These are just 3 of the exceptional smoking devices to come from the GRAV brand. While we linked to the clear, classic versions of these pipes, most of them come in a wide array of spectacular colors. As you can see, there’s a reason why GRAV has positioned itself as a household name in the cannabis community. They also make grinders, smell-proof stash pouches, and even clothing.

As previously mentioned, these pipes are not cheap, but always remember, you get what you pay for. Speaking of, we love the fact that GRAV offers interest-free payments on most of their higher-priced pipes. They also sell gift cards, which make excellent stocking stuffers and birthday presents for the cannabis lover in your life.

holding_GRAV_product.jpg Image credit: grav.com

It’s no surprise that GRAV is popular with cannabis consumers who love premium, up-scale accessories that enhance their smoking experience. As such, GRAV’s products are in high demand, and that is likely to continue. As a heads up, as of January 2022, this high demand is leading to GRAV experiencing delays in shipping of up to one week, so be patient when you order.

HashDash - Spotlighting Exceptional Cannabis Brands

We hope you found value in our Industry Spotlight on GravLabs. We produce these articles to help us all be more informed consumers and improve our experiences. These are not sponsored articles (at least not yet), we create them to serve two important purposes: to show love to the brands we think are the best in the cannabis business, and inform our platform users of them.

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Jason Sander
Jason SanderJason is a versatile writer and marketer with over ten combined years of experience working with clients in various industries. He couples this expertise with six years of writing for the cannabis sector as well as a passion for the business side, and the science behind the plant medicine.
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