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Does Cannabis Improve Sex?

Cannabis has so many incredible benefits. But can it improve your sex life? Here, we discuss what the science and history books say about cannabis improving sex.

Jason SanderJason Sander · Jun. 25, 2021 · 6 min read
Does Cannabis Improve Sex?

Cannabis has so many incredible benefits. But is it true that the plant improves your sex life? Here’s what the science and the history books say.

In today’s digitally-driven, constantly plugged-in world, earning and maintaining a real connection with your partner (or anyone else for that matter) can be a challenge for many of us. Some consumers say that cannabis does improve their sex lives. This can mean that intercourse and other sexual activities feel better, orgasms might be more intense and pleasurable, and intimate activities like cuddling are heightened.

"In today’s digitally-driven, constantly plugged-in world, earning and maintaining a real connection with your partner (or anyone else for that matter) can be a challenge for many of us. Some consumers say that cannabis does improve their sex lives."

These awesome things are likely thanks to the fact that cannabis consumption heightens our senses by interacting with the receptors in our brains. For instance, colors and sounds can appear fuller and brighter, food may taste richer, and smells may seem stronger. This is thanks to your endocannabinoid system. It most certainly doesn’t take a seasoned cannabis connoisseur to tell you that. Let’s dive into what science tells us about cannabis and our complex sex lives.

Written in the History Books

Humans have been consuming cannabis in various forms as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. The first recorded consumption of cannabis for sexual purposes is from India in the 7th century to improve intimacy and heighten spirituality during tantric rituals. Cannabis was used for many reasons throughout ancient Asia, especially in China.

Anyone who has studied the Ancient Greeks for even a few minutes knows that they were people pretty obsessed with sex. They had many Gods and Goddesses devoted to sexual energy - in fact, it’s where the term aphrodisiac originates. Aphrodite was the Ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. The Greeks even had a God devoted to the erect penis. Yes, you read that right.


This God was known as Priapus, who was seen as determining which male should receive prophetic words from a devout priestess, according to a book called Seeking the Sacred with Psychoactive Substances (2014) by David Hillman.

To receive this prophetic blessing and maintain their sexual health, males underwent a purification process. This process involved ingesting a mixture of snake venom, alcohol, ivy, and cannabis to induce a hallucinogenic state. We most certainly don’t recommend you ingest snake venom or ivy, but the point stands nonetheless.

Circa 880, the age of the Vikings was ushered in. The Norse worshiped and prayed to the deity Freya, the goddess of love and fertility, to protect their hemp fields. While there are no known records indicating the Norse consumed cannabis to enhance their sex lives, this is yet another example of how much emphasis ancient peoples put on the cannabis and hemp plants.

Research Indicates Cannabis Can Improve Women’s Sex Lives

It isn’t just people from Ancient Times that saw the intricate and intimate connections between cannabis and sexual energy. Throughout the past 30 years or so, many studies have been conducted on various aspects of sexual health and wellness.

One such study is from 2019, and discusses whether there’s a connection between cannabis and orgasms in women. At a gynecological practice, researchers interviewed 373 women - finding that 127 of them reported achieving more satisfying orgasms than the women who didn’t consume cannabis. Consumers were 2.13 more likely to have a deep, memorable, and satisfying orgasm than the women who did not consume.

There have been several cultivars bred specifically with the goal in mind of helping women achieve fuller orgasms. One of the more notable ones is called SexxPot, which has a respectable lineage of Mr. Nice Guy. This cultivar is designed for women, with a lower THC level of 14%. The thinking behind it is that lower THC could be just enough to heighten women’s senses while still allowing them to relax while removing inhibitions and increasing arousal.

Another study showed that 452 women who consume cannabis experienced more desire, heightened arousal, better lubrication, and sexual energy as well as satisfaction than non-consumers. Yet another study from 2017 surveyed 50,000 people about their connection between cannabis and how often they had sex. The correlation is abundantly clear: cannabis consumers had more sex than non-consumers. This is, naturally, a small sample size of 50,000 people - but interesting no matter how you slice it.

However, like most things in life - we must take the good with the bad. While cannabis improving sex is mostly positive, there is some research that suggests ingesting the plant can make it more difficult for males to achieve orgasm. While we most certainly don’t know of anyone for which this holds true (in fact, quite the opposite) - we won’t argue with scientific data.

Cannabis and Sex: This Company Combines the Best of Both Worlds

While the taboo topic of sexual wellness is finally becoming more of a mainstream conversation, the emerging niche market is still in its infancy. A report from 2019 indicated that the global sexual wellness market could reach $39 billion by 2024.

While cannabis-infused sexual wellness products aren’t all that prevalent as of yet, the owners of the New-England-based 612 Studios say the plant saved their marriage of 23. They say cannabis helped to enhance their intimacy and connection with each other, and also built a deeper understanding. Their line of Purient Bedroom products includes intimate personal lubricants and massage oils that are infused with premium cannabis.

As policy reform continues to advance throughout the nation, we will no doubt see more of a beautiful marriage between the lucrative cannabis and sexual wellness markets.

It’s a Broken Record

Cannabis advocates and experts have said ‘more research is needed' so many times, that as we’ve said before - it’s a broken record at this point. Meaning we’re constantly repeating ourselves about how the harmful drug war has been criminally stifling such research for almost 100 years. On the bright side, legal cannabis saw some huge political wins in 2020, and will hopefully see more as the 2022 election cycle fast approaches.


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