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7 Benefits of Getting Your Med Card in a Rec State

Wondering if you should get your medical card while living in a recreational state? This article breaks down 7 benefits of your med card in a rec state.

Jason SanderJason Sander · May 19, 2021 · 4 min read
7 Benefits of Getting Your Med Card in a Rec State

It’s a common question for many cannabis consumers - why should I get my medical card when I live in a recreational state? This article breaks down seven reasons why it’s still worth getting your med card in a rec state.

1. Saves You Money

When adult-use cannabis becomes legal in your home state, it’s a good feeling - finally, we can purchase legally, the way it should be. A surprising number of consumers in recreational states opt to not pursue their medical cards, but the first benefit of doing so is that it can save money.

In most states, taxes on recreational products are higher than that of medical. In fact, some states even have exempted medical cannabis from the astronomical taxes associated with it. Recreational customers can pay up to 35% in some states! Medical products typically are taxed at the state rate - again, depending on the state. For example, recreational cannabis products in Colorado are taxed between 10-15%, while medical patients don’t have to pay that.

2. Access to Higher Potency Products

Medical cannabis patients have access to higher potency products in most states than recreational customers do. Depending on their condition, medical patients might need access to products with stronger potency to help with their ailments.

In California, for instance, edibles are capped at 100mg per product, and topicals and tinctures can only contain a maximum of 1000mg. Tinctures for medicinal purposes can contain up to 2000mg. This doubling potency limit can make a noticeable difference for people suffering from conditions like arthritis who rely on topicals to help them through the day.

3. Out of State Reciprocity

If you’re traveling out of state, having your med card can give you access to cannabis in states that offer reciprocity to yours. In most reciprocity states it is also permitted for medical cannabis cardholders to travel out of state lines with their medicine. This is an important one because getting caught with rec-only herb out of your home state can possibly spell big trouble. Before you travel out of your home state, always be sure to research where you’re headed to keep yourself out of legal issues.

4. Legal Protection is Stronger

Even though cannabis policy is thankfully being reformed nationwide at a remarkably rapid pace, there are always grey areas that exist. Law enforcement officers in some states might not understand their recently changed local laws, and having your medical card can help keep you out of unwarranted legal trouble. With a medical card, you are backed by physicians and licensed health professionals that support your consumption of cannabis for its therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, your medical card might help you keep your job if you get in a bind. It’s an archaic practice to examine the contents of a potential employee’s urine as a prerequisite for employment. However, once hired, employers reserve the right to fire you if you consume recreational cannabis and test positive for it after an at-work accident. Many states protect employees that hold medical cannabis cards, so be sure to check if your state is one of them.

5. Higher Purchase and Possession Limits

Each state tends to have different limits when it comes to cultivation, possessing, and purchasing cannabis. One of the most notable of which is California - where recreational customers can only purchase an ounce of flower a day and medical patients can purchase up to 8. Recreational customers in Nevada can also purchase only an ounce a day, while medical patients can purchase 2.5 ounces.

In some states, only medical cardholders are legally permitted to grow cannabis at home. In states where home cultivation is legal, the limit is typically no higher than six plants per person per home. For medical patients, that grow limit is often doubled in some states.

6. Get Your Medical Card Remotely

Due to the pandemic, so many things have been forced to occur online. In the cannabis industry, virtual conferences and telehealth are at the forefront of that list. Sites like NuggMD will help you step-by-step to get your medical card remotely in your state, and spending a few hundred bucks on that can help you save thousands in the long run.

With more and more states opening up and people getting vaccinated, many pandemic-driven state protections are expiring. The ability to get and renew your med card via telehealth might come to an end as well - so this is imperative to keep an eye on moving forward.

"With more and more states opening up and people getting vaccinated, many pandemic-driven state protections are expiring. The ability to get and renew your med card via telehealth might come to an end as well - so this is imperative to keep an eye on moving forward.

7. Access to Med-Only Dispensaries

Your medical card gives you access to medical locations that recreational customers don’t have. While many dispensaries employ highly knowledgeable and helpful staff, they might not have medical experience. With your med card, you get access to staff who can help assist a medical customer with proper dosages, medical products, and patient care specialized for your specific medical condition.


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