An educated customer is a better customer.

The main priority of HashDash is to educate the public and steer healthy purchasing patterns. Real user reviews and customer needs and wants will drive a better understanding of products to stock. Get a firm grasp of what makes your customer tick through a centralized community of interested buyers.

How it works

Your sales data in one place.


Reach new clientele to grow your business

Recurring customers are great, but seeing new eager faces every day is even better. Joining the HashDash community is an effective and affordable way to reach a brand new customer base. Those new faces will become familiar, fast!


Your own Marketing strategy

Highlight new products, employee picks, sales on cultivars, and more! Legislation throws a wrench in many advertising plans - HashDash can leverage the ever-growing userbase with your dispensaries marketing.


Track market trends

Centralized data means broader analytics. HashDash tracks market trends. Not just in your store, but your town, your state, and even your country! Imagine having a little birdy on your shoulder feeding you all of the newest data… straight from the buyer’s mouths! Now… imagine no more - It’s here!


Grow our community

HashDash prides itself on pioneering practical and useful data collection and in turn, presenting it back to the dispensaries to help grow the overall cannabis community. With collected sales data, brand performance, order patterns, and user behaviors, we can hone in on all of the popular trends.

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